7 Leaked GTA Secrets Rockstar Didn't Want You To Know

By Manodeep Mukherjee

December 4, 2023

.Rockstar recently shut down an ex-employee's blog because he was sharing insider secrets. Here are 7 interesting things he posted before the blogs were deleted..

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The Original Plan For Vice City

GTA Vice City was originally planned to be a DLC mission pack for GTA 3 before the latter’s release. However, with GTA 3’s unprecedented success, Rockstar NY pushed Vice City to be a standalone game.

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Paid Trip To Miami For Vice City Devs

Rockstar New York arranged an all expenses paid trip to Miami for the whole team. They stayed in a hotel on Miami Beach. The artists went around the cityscape with their cameras on a texture hunt.

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Scrapped Multiplayer For GTA 3 & Vice City

Some developmental resources were allocated to make multiplayers for these titles. However, due to time constraints and technical limitations of the hardware of those times, it had to be scrapped.

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Shelved GTA-Spinoff Zombie Game

Right after Vice City’s launch, Rockstar North started work on a zombie game codenamed ‘Z’. The game was supposed to take place on a windswept foggy Scottish island.

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Shelved James Bond-Style GTA Spinoff

Supposed to be called ‘Agent’, this project was being worked on by Rockstar San Diego and Rockstar New York after GTA San Andreas’ release. However, this project was called off as the devs moved on to work on GTA 4.

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Ragdoll Gun For Finding Bugs

To rule out the possibility of players falling through the map, Rockstar made a ragdoll gun that testers would go around with shooting at every building and hillside.

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GTA 3 Was To Be A Dreamcast Title

The first prototype of GTA 3 in 1999 was made for Sega’s Dreamcast, which was the market-dominating console of that era. However, with Sony’s PS2, the plan clearly changed.

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So why did Obbe Vermeij delete all his blogs?