7 Things Fans Expect From GTA 6

By Manodeep Mukherjee

November 23, 2023

Revamped Lighting and Physics

Rockstar has been a trendsetter about implementing new and improved graphics tech to their games. Hopefully, GTA 6 carries the same tradition.

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Female Protagonist

GTA 6 is shaping up to have two protagonists—Bonnie & Clyde style—if leaks are to be believed. This will be a series-first for a female protagonist and fans hope it’s well done.

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Post-acquisition of FiveM and RedM, fans expect roleplaying to be a bigger focus for the Online counterpart of GTA 6.

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Single-player DLCs

This is something fans have been deprived of since GTA 5’s release. Nothing against GTA Online, but some fully-fledged story DLCs for GTA 6 will be highly appreciated.

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More Vehicle Customization

It’s in the name - Grand Theft Auto. Hopefully, customization of cars will become a focal point of meaningful gameplay progression in GTA 6.

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A Concurrent Multiplatform Release

Rockstar has a tradition of staggering releases for platforms. Especially fans on PC hope that GTA 6 will simultaneously release on all platforms.

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A More Lively World

More activities to partake in. More interiors to go into. More characters to meet. Fans hope GTA 6 will tick all those boxes.

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GTA 6 Launch News

Rockstar will reveal the first GTA 6 trailer in the first week of December, 2023.