8 Essential Beginner Tips For Coral Island

By Manodeep Mukherjee

December 20, 2023

Bloom where you're planted

Collect any flower (except daisy for Charles!). Gifting is friendship gold.

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Map your masterpiece

Use the camera tool to pre-plan your farm's layout for maximum efficiency.

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Be a social butterfly

Befriend everyone, not just love interests, for recipes, gifts, and Starlet Town secrets.

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Hoard like a magpie

Keep all resources in organized chests, you never know when they'll be crafting essentials.

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Embrace the rain

Rainy days are mining marathons, no watering needed!

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Level up your tools

Prioritize pickaxe upgrades for faster mining and resource gathering.

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At your own pace

Adjust in-game speed to fit your pace, savor the slow life or zoom through tasks.

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Check boards daily

Both town and beach offer quests, errands, and hidden gems for the observant.

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7 more tips before you start playing

Handling trash, upgrading backpack, harvesting are all things you need to keep in mind when you start playing Coral Island.

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