8 Mind-Blowing Easter Eggs In Marvel's Spider-Man 2

By Manodeep Mukherjee

December 16, 2023

Wakanda Forever

As Miles, you can head to the front door of the Wakandan Embassy in the Midtown district, and pay 'Honor' to Black Panther's MCU actor Chadwick Boseman.

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A New Baxter Building

This is the Baxter Building, the base of the Fantastic Four from the comics, located at the south-western tip of Central Park. The roof features a freshly painted 4 logo.

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The Wolverine Suit

Named “Best There Is”, this Miles Morales suit is a reference to the X-Men animated series.

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The Sanctum Sanctorum

At a certain point in the main story, you’ll come across this iconic structure, which is the abode of Doctor Strange.

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Damage Control

After Sandman’s carnage at the beginning section of the game, you’ll see Damage Control posters popping out across the city.

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Stan Lee Statue

A commemorative statue for Stan Lee stands tall in the Upper Side district.

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You can find this cute yet giant pup statue north of Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan. 

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Coney Island Attractions

All rides and similar attractions in Coney Island are named after notorious Spider-Man villains.

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You can also visit Aunt May's grave in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.